Coco notes

2018/4/ Image processing with graphs [images]
We propose octave implementations of graph-based mathematical morphology and linear PDE for image processing.
2018/4/ One-dimensional clustering with one cluster [math]
A comprehensive study of the problem of combining several numbers into one.
2018/4/13 Gallery of single-layer textures [images]
We show how single layer CNN can hallucinate snowflakes and dandelions.
2018/ Generalizations of Fourier analyisis [math]
We explain some common generalizations of Fourier analysis: sampling theory, distribution theory, pontryagin duality and spectral geometry. The part on spectral theory is shared with the article about PDE on manifolds (needs some editing yet)
2018/4/11 The standard PDE on a manifold [math]
We state and solve the standard linear PDE on a compact Riemannian manifold.
2018/4/11 Algebraic Graph Calculus [math]
We do graph theory as if it was vector calculus.
2018// FTR [programming]
A portable and ported API for simple graphical interactive programs.
2018/4/6 Colors of image noise [images]
We show gaussian noise which is not necessarily white.
2018/4/5 Makefiles for mathematicians [programming]
Why and how to enjoy Makefiles
2018/4/4 The Cauchy basis [math]
We introduce a sequence of functions that satisfy Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions at the same time.